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CCTV Lenses
M13VP288IR photo M13VP288IR External
Imager Size 1/3 (Applicable for 1/2.7 , 1/2.8)
Mount Type CS
Focal Length 2.8  -  8mm
Aperture Range 1.2  -  Close
Angle of View
(Horizontal x Vertical)
1/3 Wide 100.1°  x  72.9°
Tele 35.8°  x  26.8°
1/4 Wide 72.9°  x  53.9°
Tele 26.8°  x  20.1°
Focusing Range 0.3m  -  ∞
Operation Focus Manual with Lock
Zoom Manual with Lock
Iris P-Iris
(Stepping motor switching control)
Filter Size -
Back Focus(in air) Wide 8.339  -  Tele 14.944mm
Wave Length Visible Light  -  Near Infrared
Operating Voltage Range 3.0v - 5.0v
Driving Curret 95mA : Per-phase
Weight 68g
Operating Temperature -20°C  -  +60°C
Wiring Disgram
Wiring Disgram
* Connecting the lens to a camera that does not support the P-Iris technology may cause malfunction.
The lens cannot be connected to cameras that use DC auto iris or video auto iris lenses.
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